Jessie Fox Studio is a freelance photographer based in Northeastern Pennsylvania lead by Jessie Fox.


My studio work focuses on product photography and how to bring your brand identity to life through visual storytelling. I work with my clients to create authentic content, aimed to shift consumer perspective to directly connect with the heart of the brand and the lifestyle it embodies. 


Within all of my photo work, I find inspiration in natural lighting, playful shadows, hinted contrast and human expression.


My photography services include, but are not limited to: product & lifestyle, portraits and brand identity through visuals.



My creative journey started with a BA in Photojournalism and has since pointed my lens in many different directions. My passion resides in storytelling and the photos I take are colored with connection, existing to speak to the consumer or empathize with human emotion.


When I’m not working you can most likely find me on an adventure with my dog Yogi, running/biking or eating some sort of granola in my kitchen.


Recent clients: Ivory Ella, Vibe Hemp Market, Milkweed Confections, Soothe, Allwell and Fluent

Photojournalism publications: Philadelphia Inquirer/Philly.com, The New York Times, and the Huffington Post.